Tennis Tip: The Most Important Ingredients to a Great Tennis Serve Toss

What is One of the Most Overlooked Ways to Improve your Tennis Serve Toss?

Blue Chip Tennis Coach Farley Youman says the “Most important ‘ingredient’ to a great tennis serve starts with a great toss.” Below he provides four great ways to practice your tennis serve toss and help you deliver a smashing tennis serve. To help you even when you’re not on court, he provides easy practice tennis tips you can do at home.

*Practice Tennis Serve Toss Tips for on the court or at home

  1. Tossing in front or back of the baseline.  Most tosses should be
    tossed in front of the baseline, especially when hitting hard serves
    and you are mainly missing long.  Tossing too far back is usually the
    biggest problem for most players.
  2. Practice tennis serve toss at home: put a belt, rope, or yardstick on the ground a
    couple of inches in front of your left foot; toss the ball up and see
    how many out of 10 tosses land past the object
  3. To practice your tennis serve toss on the court, toss the ball up and have it land inside the court instead of behind the baseline
  4. Practice tip on court or at home: line up four balls an inch apart and
    just barely inside the baseline (the four balls will be lined up in a
    straight line towards the net); if your slowest serve is 60mph and
    your fastest is 90mph, then call out 60mph and try to toss the ball up
    and have it land on the ball that is closest to the baseline, call out
    70mph and try to hit the second ball closest to the baseline, etc.

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Farley Youman provides tennis tips for the best tennis serve tossAbout Farley Youman : Farley Youman is a Resident Tennis Professional at Blue Chip Tennis Academy. Youman played Division I tennis at Mercer University and went on to become the Head Coach for the Spelman College Women’s Tennis Team. Youman has a B.A. degree and a M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education and promotes all levels of junior tennis.  For more information, contact or 703-272-2712.
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