Tennis Tip: Prepare Mentally

Prepare mentally for The Next Serve or Return

Footwork Tennis Tip provided by MTVAC Pros

No tennis player is going to always be on their “A” game.  Even professional players struggle with mental toughness.  You can see this when a player yells out in anger or through their negative body language.

Here are the steps to successfully prepare yourself mentally for the next serve or return-

  1. One way to stay focused and stay confident is to think about one point at a time. If you get hung up on the previous point you might as well hang it up.
  2. Get into a routine. Novak Djokovic is famous for his 10 minute long ball bouncing routine before he serves
  3. And finally, have a plan of attack. If you are serving you may want to try a more aggressive approach like serving and volleying. If you are returning, perhaps you would try to keep the ball deep into the court to force a short ball from your opponent.


Blue Chip Tennis Academy Staff Dan Myers provides a Tennis Tip Daniel Myers joins the Blue Chip Tennis family as a highly experienced tennis player who  recently transferred his talents into this coaching  arena. Playing on the Orange County High School varsity team all 4 years, Daniel was at the number one position in both singles and doubles and was an all area selection. After high school, Daniel went to Radford University and played on their nationally ranked Dvision 1 tennis team. A love of tennis and the desire to continue to be active in the sport brought Daniel to coaching.  Daniel is PTR certified. For more information, contact or 703-272-2712.


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