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Logo for Blue Chip Sports ManagementBlue Chip Sports Management (BCSM) was born out of the success of  Mount Vernon Athletic Club’s tennis programs. Led by Tim Bainton, the Blue Chip Family of sports organizations has grown, developing a series of companies under the Blue Chip brand moniker dedicated to their mission of “saving the game of tennis in the U.S.”  Securing an exclusive partnership with HEAD in 2018,  the Blue Chip Tennis program, its award winning tennis staff, renowned juniors, and competitive adults – have expanded to serve two facilities in Northern Virgina and over a dozen outdoor facilities. This expansion has led to the creation of 16 full-time tennis positions since 2009.  Learn more about our sports management services and benefits here.

In 2014, we officially branded our already successful tennis programming and facilities management under one name — Blue Chip Sports Management.  In addition to running the nationally-recognized and recently expanded Blue Chip Tennis Academy (BCTA),  we offer expert sports consulting services and head a successful Tennis Foundation and Tennis Alliance.

Why call it Blue Chip?  Each year, awards Top Prospect accolades to the best players in each class. The very best players are tabbed as Blue Chips.  Our business motto:

Strive for Blue Chip level excellence.  We’ll help you get there.

Blue Chip Tennis Academy

Cole Henceroth maintains his Mid-Atlantic tennis #1 ranking after his College Park USTA section win.

Cole Henceroth and Coach Tim Bainton pose after Cole’s win at College Park USTA sectionals*.

Blue Chip Tennis Academy image

Blue Chip Sports Management (BCSM) runs the award winning indoor tennis programs at Mount Vernon Athletic Club in Alexandria, Virginia and Worldgate Sport&Health in Herndon, Virginia as well as 15+ outdoor facilities through its Blue Chip Tennis Academy (BCTA).

A significant first in the Tennis Club Industry, this recent expansion of Blue Chip Tennis Academy exemplifies parent company Van Metre Companies desire to continually innovate while providing best-in-class products and services.

As other area indoor tennis facilities close their doors, BCTA creates enthusiasm for the sport and opportunities for years of tennis play from childhood long into adulthood. BCSM now manages over 50+ courts throughout Northern Virginia.


Sports Consulting

Blue Chip Tennis Consultation image

As the incredible success of Blue Chip Tennis Academy’s programs grow, other tennis facilities, programs and pros look to Director Tim Bainton to help with expanding  and developing top tennis talent.  Blue Chip Sports Management’s consulting services aim to provide tennis professionals with the know-how necessary to succeed in this task.


Tennis Foundation

Blue Chip Tennis Foundation image

Blue Chip Tennis Academy has always given back to the tennis community through donations of time and equipment, many or our esteemed tennis professionals, have a passion for community work and a desire to take our contributions to the next level.  The Blue Chip Tennis Foundation seeks to have a positive impact beyond the sport; providing help where it is needed in the communities we serve.  For additional information, please contact 


Tennis Alliance

Blue Chip Tennis Alliance image

The Blue Chip Tennis Alliance is a coalition between the Blue Chip Tennis Academy and tennis programs and professionals consisting of local high schools coaches, tennis pros, and any programs in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond that wish to promote the game.

Vision and Mission: The Alliance was born out of Blue Chip Founder Tim Bainton’s ongoing pursuit for further education in order to advance the  common goal of promoting tennis excellence, both for players and coaches. Bainton saw a need for an Alliance of the overall professional tennis community that was not driven by revenue but instead opportunity, fairness, value and a desire to push the boundaries of tennis, fitness and health club operations to a new level.

Through Mr. Bainton’s years of searching for a mechanism for continued growth within the industry he created the newest entity of the Blue Chip Sports Management Group, The Blue Chip Alliance, launched in January 2014 in conjunction with the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section’s annual Virginia High School Coaches Convention. Currently, Paul Fisher is a consultant and Tennis Emeritus to Blue Chip Sports Management  in the areas of Expansion and Program Development through the Blue Chip Tennis Alliance.

The Business of Tennis

Any good tennis player is able to adjust their strategy and think creatively to win the match… The same is true in the ‘game’ of business – if we applied these skills to what we have learned about playing competitive tennis to our business, then we will increase longevity and capture more widespread attention, thus creating better systems of sustainability – Tim Bainton


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