The Best Gym and Fitness Clothes for Your Workout

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The Best Gym and Fitness Clothes for Your Workout

Does your winter workout routine suffer from bulky (or just old) clothes that get in the way of you getting the most from your time at the gym? When working out, you want clothes that best fit your needs. Your gym and fitness clothes should be durable, comfortable, and, although you don’t want to admit it, you want them to be fashionable. Just like cardio workouts differ for men and women, the best gym and fitness clothes differ as well. Here is your complete guide to clothes and other athletic accessories you might need to make your workout complete.

The Best Gym and Fitness Clothes for Men

Man athlete in sportswear with water bottleThe best workout clothes for men can seem pretty straightforward: shorts and a tank when it’s warm, sweats and a sweatshirt when it’s cold. However, there is a little bit more to it than that. What type of shorts should you be wearing? Are there better sweats to wear than your lounging sweats?

Any question you have about the type of gym and fitness clothes you should be wearing can be answered by knowing what workout you are doing and what the conditions are. If you are a runner, you want distance shorts because they are full of functionality and create no hassle.

For every workout, you can’t go wrong with loose fit performance shorts. These stretch mesh briefs are perfect for any workout situation. You can pair both of these shorts with either a short sleeve active crew or a dash tank. The active crew is perfect for comfort and durability while the dash tank is nice for those days you plan on sweating a lot and would prefer to not be wearing a shirt.

For those brisk mornings, you can opt for training pants paired with a lite packable jacket. The training pants are slim sweats specifically designed for working out, but they can also look good outside the gym.

The Best Gym and Fitness Clothes for Women

Yoga pose gray sportswearFor women, gym and fitness clothes that are fashionable are just as important as their durability. Specific brands like Sweaty Betty and Lucy Activewear have you covered for use and fashion. These brands focus on fit, fabric, and high-fashion so that you look great while working out and feeling great.

Women also have their pick for workout-specific brands like Alo and Onzie. Both of these brands are yoga-specific clothes. Since yoga is based quite a bit on flexibility and bending into some crazy shapes, fitness clothes that are close to the body and not loose-fitting will be more desirable.

Alo and Onzie have yoga wear that compresses the body, but also uses free flow fabric technology that allows you to stay cool during your workout. If you’re not looking for a workout-specific brand, you can’t go wrong with Nike or Under Armour. Both brands have you covered head-to-toe whether you’re looking for a tank top, tennis skirt, sweatshirt, or clothes with heat or cold functionality.

Gym and Fitness Accessories

While working out, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Investing in a Hydroflask can benefit you because these are not ordinary refillable water bottles. These bottles are designed to keep your water colder for longer and nothing keeps you going through a workout like cold water. Athlete looking the time results at his smart watch

Having a Fitbit during your workout can also be beneficial. You can measure your heart rate and keep track of calories you are burning. Fitbits are an excellent tool to measure your progression. Almost everyone listens to music while they workout, either for the motivation or to keep people from talking to you at the gym.

No matter your reason, you need the right headphones for your workout. Powerbeats 3 are a great option. These wireless earbuds have an ergonomic design, are water resistant, and have a battery life of 12 hours. You’ll be pumped and ready for whatever your workout throws at you.

Whether you’re participating in group fitness classes or just coming to the gym on your own, you need the right supplies and it all starts with your clothes. Find the right gym and fitness clothes that work for your body and for your workout. Once you have that figured out, nothing can stop you. Join the Mount Vernon community and show off your best gym and fitness clothes. Check out MTVAC and try us for FREE for 7 days!

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