Club Business International Spotlights Tim Bainton as a Standout Among Tennis Leaders Making a Difference

Club Business International - Tim Bainton Stands Tall Among Tennis Leaders

Tim Bainton graces the cover of CBI, July 2017

Fresh off the presses – Tim Bainton takes over the July 2017 issue of Club Business International! The article lays out Tim’s tennis journey, from seven-year-old junior tennis player to one of the most influential tennis leaders in the Mid-Atlantic.

What Does it Take to Stand With Other Tennis Leaders?

First, a passion for the sport. And we all know Tim Bainton has that in spades – he shows it every day at MTVAC and through Blue Chip Sports Management. As the CBI article points out, Tim shows it in a number of different ventures, too.

Tim joined MTVAC in 2008 as the Director of Tennis. He then worked with MTVAC owner the Van Metre Companies to develop Blue Chip Sports Management. You’re probably familiar with Blue Chip Academy and the phenomenal tennis programming it offers, but you may not know that Blue Chip Sports Management has five other branches, including alliance, athletic development, business acquisitions and development, corporate wellness and a foundation. Together, these branches work with over 30 facilities (country clubs, schools, universities, country clubs, etc. ) with 50,000 participants.

In the consulting branch, Tim and Blue Chip work with and rely heavily on data. They learn several industry software systems to be able to analyze everything from club spending to how tennis courts are booked. Decisions and recommendations are always centered around the supporting data. And all recommendations benefit both the clubs and the tennis players by bringing about the most effective programming. So what does effective programming look like?

“It’s better to produce a program that your team and clients are proud of. Once you do that, financial success will follow. Ultimately, you want to create a place that people can come to, and where they can be healthy, laugh, work out, socialize, engage— and leave wanting more.”
-Tim Bainton, from CBI interview

The Evolution of Tennis Programming

When CBI asked Tim about where tennis programming was headed, he was quick to point to fitness hybrid programs that use the explosive moves and endurance tennis is known for to create fun cardio classes that improve both fitness and the players’ tennis game. The program is so versatile, Blue Chip has used it in corporate wellness for major companies.

Tennis leaders, instructors and staff are also crucial to successful tennis programming. Enter the Alliance arm of Blue Chip. Tim created this platform for teaching tennis pros to work together and learn from one another. He has seen first hand how mentoring and working together increases confidence and propels career development. It also drives the commitment to tennis as a career.

What’s Next for Tim Bainton

After achieving so much success as a tennis player, tennis instructor, business consultant and more, what’s in store for Tim Bainton? He simply loves tennis and plans to continue working within the sport and business. He’s currently working with a couple top junior tennis players and is enjoying watching, and being part of, their success. He’s also working with fellow MTVAC tennis pro Jeremy Carl on writing a book. But despite the industry touting him as one of the most influential tennis leaders, his goal remains the same:

My mission is simply to provide opportunities for people to play the game. I want every kid to have a picture of Roger Federer hanging on their bedroom wall. I want to see people enjoy this wonderful game that’s shaped and blessed every aspect of my life.
-Tim Bainton, from CBI interview

Club Business International, or CBI, is one of the world’s leading magazine for the health and fitness industry. More than 24,000 club professionals read the magazine in about 80 countries around the world. Read the full Tim Bainton “The Magic of Tennis” article here.

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