Tim Bainton Uses Eye Coach in Mid-Atlantic Tennis Training

MTVAC Affiliate and Mid-Atlantic Tennis Training Tool - Eye CoachMTVAC Mid-Atlantic tennis pro and Blue Chip Tennis Academy founder Tim Bainton can’t say enough good things about incorporating Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach into his workouts. The tennis training tool is revolutionary in its design and capabilities. It helps players solve the number one problem in tennis: tracking the ball. Using the Eye Coach for as little as 10 minutes a day, five days a week can train players to keep their eyes on the ball. It can also reduce distractions, promote positive repetitions, and increase instinctual reactions and learning.

Mid-Atlantic Tennis and MTVAC Welcome the Eye Coach

Eye Coach is Great for Mid-Atlantic Tennis Players of all AgesTim is so excited about Eye Coach, he’s even endorsed the product. “BCTA has adopted the Eye Coach at all locations and has seen firstly tremendous improvements in a complete range of players,” comments Tim. The versatility of the Eye Coach is one of its best features. The tool works at every player level because it enhances a basic and necessary skill in tennis. In fact, using Eye Coach can actually help players from slipping back in training progress between coaching sessions. And while incorporating it into coaching as Tim does, the results speak for themselves.

“It is amazing to see the versatility of the device from on court drills, to up in the lobby whilst waiting for a court, or at home.” –Tim Bainton, BCTA Founder and Mount Vernon Tennis Pro

Eye Coach for Everyone

Eye Coach is Great for Tennis Players of All AgesAs recent USPTA Mid-Atlantic Tennis Virginia Professional of the Year, Tim certainly knows the best approaches to coaching and how to utilize the best tools on the market. His opinion is valued and his endorsement of Eye Coach will help the training tool to reach as many players as possible. Players don’t need to be enrolled in BCTA to try out the Eye Coach. In addition to the BCTA, a variety of Mount Vernon tennis programs and workshops are available for players of all ages and skill levels.

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