Topspin Groundstrokes in Tennis Doubles

You Don’t Need Topspin Groundstrokes in Tennis Doubles

Topspin groundstrokes in tennis have become widely popular in today’s modern game. Tennis coaches are often found telling their players to add more topspin to their shots. Topspin groundstrokes are definitely shots that are welcome in the singles game BUT for doubles, the concept of hitting high “loopy” shots from the baseline isn’t encouraged as often.

Reasons to Exclude Your Topspin Groundstrokes in Tennis Doubles

When you’re hitting a nice deep shot (full of topspin) towards your opponent’s baseline, you’re creating the perfect opportunity for your opponent to hit a nice easy volley, allowing them the chance to poach, or allowing them to catch the ball on the rise and take over the net. If you have the ability to create a nice angled topspin shot or allow your topspin ball to land at the feet of your opponent, you can continue to use those shots.

Topspin groundstrokes in tennis typically employ the semi-western or western tennis groups. You may want to see whether you’re holding an extreme grip and if that time it takes to switch your group is affecting your half volleys and volley game.

Albert Asiedu-Ofei  is the Tennis Director of Worldgate Sport & Health for Blue Chip Tennis Academy (BCTA). is a USPTA certified tennis pro who focuses on both the junior and adult tennis programming and has coached a women’s USTA 3.0 team to third place in the 2012 national tournament. He also coached a girl to the number one ranking in the girls 12 and under division in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2004. Albert enjoys working with players of all ages and helping them improve their game. 
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