Dropping LBs? What No One Tells You About Healthy Weight Loss

Shedding unwanted fat and pounds is both a challenge and a great accomplishment. One that many people work hard for over months and even years! But are there little known or unexpected side effects to dropping LBs? Here are a few things no one has probably told you about healthy weight loss.

The Good Effects of Healthy Weight Loss

Interval training when you're crunched for time

First, let’s focus on the positive. As you start your healthy weight loss plan, one of the first things you may notice is a boost in energy. This may seem counter intuitive since you’re probably using more energy to exercise. But when you carry less weight, you use less energy to do daily tasks and activities. Walking across the parking lot or climbing a flight of stairs will start to feel easier. And once you start to lose weight and ease the pressure on your joints, exercise will probably be more fun and energizing.

Another bonus: better memory. In a Swedish study, older and overweight women improved on memory tests after a six-month weight loss plan. In previous studies, obese people have shown impairment in their episodic memory (memories of life events), so it’s encouraging to know that this negative memory effect can be reversed with a healthy lifestyle. One of the greatest but lesser known benefits of weight loss is a lower risk of cancer. Obesity is linked to many diseases, including cancers. The extra weight is a catalyst for cell changes in the body. But lowering your body weight by just 5% can also lower the levels of inflammation.

healthy weight loss reduces medication

Theses healthy positive effects of weight loss will affect your wallet, too. Health Affairs reports that people who are overweight spend 42% more on health care than people at a normal weight. And obese people can spend up to 90% more than those of a normal weight. This is likely due to prescription medications and treatments to manage chronic conditions. While healthy weight loss may not completely eliminate chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, asthma and heartburn, it can reduce the symptoms and amount of medication you need to treat the condition.

The Downside

Rarely do you hear about the negative effects of healthy weight loss. However there are a few things to be aware of. While exercise, fitness and nutrition are essential to a healthy life, losing weight is not the answer to everything and it’s important to be realistic in your expectations. Exercise is often touted as a way to fend off stress, anxiety and even depression. But if you were depressed before losing weight, and it was not weight or lifestyle related, you may still be depressed after shedding pounds. Weight loss simply won’t address the underlying issues causing the depression.

While most people have supportive friends and family to help them with their weight loss, some people may encounter some jealousy. This is particularly the case of spouses or close friends who look at your weight loss and new, healthy lifestyle and compare with their own not-so-healthy choices. Your healthy weight loss may force them to look in the mirror and see changes they want or need to make, but may not be ready for. Your slimmer shape will likely boost your confidence, too, and it may shift your relationship. According to Health‘s contributing psychology editor Dr. Gail Saltz, MD, “You feeling great, sexy, or confident could shift the balance of the relationship. They fear losing the identity of the more confident one or losing the upper hand.”

Although it’s good to know the potential downsides of healthy weight loss, it’s also important to note that the good far outweighs the bad. Knowing what to expect and being prepared for all the changes that could come about from a major healthy life change will just help you tackle the challenge. And if you need support in your journey, take advantage of your quarterly checkups with a personal trainer and nutrition workshops, all included as part of your MTVAC membership! Not a member yet? Try us for 7 days FREE!

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