Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Improve your sports performance with a MTVAC personal trainerGetting in shape can be tough, no matter if you’re an amateur athlete coming back from a break, or someone who’s never enjoyed hitting the gym. But there is one almost guaranteed way to light a fire under you and get you to that next level – a personal trainer. But a blanket “get in shape” reason isn’t the only way working with a personal trainer can work for you. In fact, there are 10 fantastic reasons why hiring a personal trainer is a good idea!

1. Find a place to start.

New to the gym and fitness? Figuring out where and how to start may be the hardest part, and may be why you’ve struggled to start in the past. A personal trainer will see where you’re starting from and know how to set up a complete exercise schedule that includes everything you should be doing to see results.

2. See results.

So if you’ve already started and have been exercising for several weeks or months, you may be frustrated with the results. Whether you aren’t losing weight or your goals are just out of reach, a trainer can also help you determine if the goals you’ve set are even realistic for you, then hold you accountable for your workouts and keep you motivated.

3. Mix things up.

Health and fitness personal trainer Gretchen ThompsonMaybe you’ve been working out on your own and seeing results, but you’re getting bored with the same old routines. One of the best parts of working with a personal trainer is that he or she can introduce new ways to exercise, like circuit training, HIIT, strength training and different types of equipment you’ve never tried before.


4. Learn how to exercise on your own.

Once you’ve learned the new ways to exercise and new moves (number 3), you can do them on your own, either in the gym or at home. A good personal trainer will also educate you on the muscles in your body and theories of fitness. In just a few sessions you can learn a lot about your body, how it works and how to train it effectively.

5. Get motivated.

Don’t want to work out at 5am? But what if someone is there waiting for you? Someone you’re spending your hard-earned salary on? Working out with a personal trainer keeps you accountable to actually workout. He or she will also motivate you to keep it going and to continue on your off time. And you know you’ll be asked if you worked out or not!

6. Work through an injury or illness.

Whether you have arthritis, heart disease or just an old injury that never really disappears, working with an experienced personal trainer can help you find a way to workout that doesn’t injure you further.  It may even help heal injuries, all while avoiding any further problems.

7. Prevent injuries.

Personal Training in Alexandria va at MTVACWhen you work out with a trainer, he or she will keep an eagle eye focus on your form. Minor corrections will ensure your running gait is efficient, your knees are aligned and straight during lunges, and you’re targeting the right muscles on the weight machine.

A common complaint for those avoiding exercise is back pain; which is why a personal trainer will often focus on core training.  Keeping proper form and having a strong core is the best way to stay injure-free in the gym!  Want to read the science backed evidence?  The article Core Training: Evidence Translating to Better Performance and Injury Prevention by Stuart McGill, PhD is a great start.

8. Get support.

From spotting you on that chest press to encouraging you to push past the “wall” on the treadmill, your trainer can be your best supporter. No one will know your journey like he or she will, including where you started from and how far you have come.

9. Get specific training for a sport or event.

If you’re in training for some type of sport or event, an experienced personal trainer can help you figure out what you need to do to build strength in your weaker areas and take advantage of your stronger areas. How do you train for a marathon when it’s still winter outside? A trainer can help with treadmill, strength training and cross fitness programs that will get you across the finish line. Training for tennis is also very common, helping both new and experienced tennis players work on speed, dexterity and reaction. See this tip from personal trainer Zach Zyzyk!

10. A personal trainer is good for you AND your wallet.

When you hire a personal trainer, you are getting a lot of things rolled into a cost effective package. You get the accountability and motivation to work toward your goals, plus the accountability to make your investment worth it. You get their expertise and guidance. You are less likely to exercise the wrong way or past your ability level, thus you’re less likely to get injured (and possibly need medical treatment).

If any of these reasons ring true for you, what are you waiting for? Talk to a client coordinator and schedule your personal training today! And did you know that MTVAC members get complimentary quarterly fitness updates with a trainer? This 30-minute consultation is a great way to figure out what personal training can really do for you, and at the very least clock in an update on your progress. Take advantage of it!

Want to join, but are afraid of a long term commitment without giving it a try first? MTVAC offers a FREE 7 Day Pass, click HERE to get started!

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